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For Help with services provided on this web site, please contact the TheraCom Specialty Distributor:

TheraCom Specialty Distributor Phone: 1-866-318-3492
1195 Trademark Drive Fax: 1-866-769-3882
Suite 102 Hours: Monday – Friday
Reno, NV 89521 8:00am – 8:00pm EST
, Forgot my password?
There is a simple password reminder feature for instances when you may not remember your account information. This feature requires that you have an email address registered with your account information.

Using this "Forgot My Password" feature requires the registered email address to be provided. Once the system verifies this email address a temporary password is assigned and forwarded via email. Once a user logs in with the temporary password, the system will force the user to change their password (standard password policy applies). The temporary password will be good for only one login.

This will require you to check your email in order to retrieve the access information.